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Our Wines

Haywire Winery takes a hands-off approach to winemaking, focusing all efforts on the vineyard, where we farm with the goal of bringing healthy, optimally ripe grapes to the cellar door at harvest.

The Natural Way

Our Approach

While the use of winemaking additives has always been minimal, the winery has continued to eliminate these. The team now counts on organic grapes, which can support fermentation using native yeast alone. The rare use of oak in the cellar is limited to old neutral French puncheons that do not impart flavour. Sulphur dioxide is only used sparingly, if at all. All of these components allow us to make wines that are symbolic of our spectacularly beautiful winegrowing region. Light, juicy, great texture and structured wines that are not masked by oak flavours.

Sister Brands

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Shaped By Nature

Free Form

Created in pursuit of “wines of place”, this series celebrates the inherent difference and pleasure of each vintage. Each wine is one-of-a-kind, never to be repeated.

Free Form wines are made from organic grapes, native yeast and free of additives. These wines are left to find their own course under the watchful eye of winemaker Matt Dumayne. Wines are fermented in concrete tanks or clay amphorae. Extended skin contact is used, followed by a gentle pressing and further rest before bottling (free of rough handling and commercial additives, and little to no sulfites).

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A Story Worth Sharing

Narrative Wines

Narrative is a collection of wines that tells the story of what is most exciting about the Okanagan Valley: geological and climatic diversity in a wine region that spans 120km from north to south. Using grapes from various vineyards throughout the valley, winemaker Kat D’Costa is able to share more diverse varieties and flavours each year.

Signature wines include Pinot Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Franc, a premium red blend Non Fiction, and a delicate pink sparkling wine named XC Method.

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Coming Fall 2023

Garnet Valley Ranch Winery

Just ten minutes from Summerland’s town centre, Garnet Valley Ranch is a spectacular farm and vineyard surrounded by untouched native habitat. Our farm follows a rhythm that is set by Earth and its solar system, and is greatly influenced by the moon’s cycles.

The Outlook guest centre on the property overlooks our farming enterprise with sweeping views of extreme land formations and the desert wildness that surrounds the site. Tours of the property are available by appointment only for club members and shareholders. Garnet Valley Ranch portfolio offers a traditional method sparkling wine, chardonnay and pinot noir that showcase this rare and special place.